Oliver & Amelia Book Series by author L.J. Hastie

 Oliver and Amelia: New Adventures at Urchin Grove book cover

Oliver & Amelia Book Series by Melbourne Author, L.J. Hastie

L.J. Hastie, a Melbourne based Children’s book author, has released the first book in the “Oliver and Amelia” series.  The first book is entitled “Oliver & Amelia; New Adventures of Urchin Grove” and is an exciting and entertaining read for people of all ages.  I personally couldn’t put the book down – my fingers were impelled to turn from one page to the next until I had reached the back cover.


Oliver and Amelia

The Oliver & Amelia series is inspired by Hasties own childhood, where she often visited the beach and had her own little adventures, the nana in the story is modelled off her real nana, Dorothy who she adored.

New Adventures of Urchin Grove begins with Amelia moving to a new town and school by the beach with her Dad and her Nana.  It explores the emotions, excitement and sometimes hardships, of moving to a new area and finding ones’ feet at a new school.

A joint group school project sees Amelia establish her friendships with Oliver and others in their class.  The books journey encapsulates the psychological aspect of different personalities and friendship groups.  It does this in a way that makes it simple and fun for children to gather a moral understanding from.

But before you think this is a normal school with normal kids – well… it’s not.  The children aren’t exactly normal humans.  This is where Hastie’s imagination thrives.  I’m pretty sure that the kids at Hasties school in Melbourne were human (or were they??).  Nevertheless, you will need to grab a copy to find out more.  I assure you that you won’t regret such a fun and compelling read!


Adventures of Urchin Grove teaser by author L.J. Hastie


About L.J. Hastie

Author and Founder of Inhaste Group, L.J. Hastie comes from an impressive Marketing background and has a Master Degree of Business Marketing.

The Melbourne Native published Oliver & Amelia under the Inhaste Group banner, and is eager to produce more creative content in the near future.

With active ambition and talent, L.J. Hastie shows us that independent writers and publishers can reach their aspirations.

Like most marketers, Hastie has always had a wild imagination.  She has been writing for many years and is currently working on the second book in the series which is due out in 2017.

Hastie is an avid traveller and currently resides with her husband in a bayside suburb of Melbourne.


Schools Initiative

During Book Week 2016, L.J. Hastie had the privilege of reading to primary school classes, discussing the writing process and advising children on how to document their ideas. Hastie states: “the one thing I am really loving that I didn’t anticipate has been the feedback and questions from kids at the readings and through social media (obviously via parents)”.

Teachers are encouraged to contact lauren@inhastegroup.com.au or Facebook private messaging for a teachers pack that can be distributed to their school.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L.J.hastieAuthor/

E-mail: lauren@inhastegroup.com.au


Oliver and Amelia: New Adventures of Urchin Grove is available at Dymocks Southland, and Readings Kids Carlton Store as well as online outlets. 



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