Cacti A6 Notebook © Chloe Hall Illustrations

Chloe Hall

Cacti A6 Notebook © Chloe Hall Illustrations


Day 11 – Chloe Hall

Chloe Hall is an illustrator, focusing on nature inspired prints and patterns.  Chloe resides in Leicester in the UK where she has her own business and online shop.  You can find prints, greeting cards, notebooks, wall hangings and pin badges plus other items she has created  (link below).

Are you a self taught artist, or what studies did you do to get where you are today?

I have studied art and design throughout school, and then continued at university, where I completed a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. I graduated 4 years ago and have been working on my own business ever since.


What tools, programs and apps do you love or cannot live without?

It would have to be water colours, goauche paints, my sketchbook and photoshop.


Your art provides inspirations to so many others.  What or who inspires you?

That’s very kind, thank you. I find inspiration everywhere! Mostly in nature, plants, flowers, colours, generally being outside makes me feel inspired. I follow a lot of very talented artists on social media who inspire me daily!


Can you describe your process including how long a piece of art or photography takes you from concept to complete?

I begin my work by creating lots of individual illustrations, using watercolor, gouache and fine liners, which I then scan into my computer. I choose which illustrations I think will work well together and put these together to create a pattern.


What part of your process do you love the most?

I love painting the elements of my patterns and then putting them together on my computer, I rarely have a pattern in mind when I begin painting so I have no idea myself what the pattern is going to look like until I’ve made it.

© Chloe Hall Illustrations


If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you would be doing for work?

I have no idea! I haven’t ever thought of doing anything else. If I wasn’t doing art I think it would something to do with the outdoors or plants, thinking about it I think I would really enjoy being a florist.


Who is the most fascinating or inspiring person you have met or worked with?

I meet a lot of inspiring small business owners at Studio NL’s Hustle meet ups, a relaxed support group for anyone running their own businesses. The meetups are lovely, as you get to meet like minded people who are all doing something similar!


Name an underrated artist

I’m really inspired by Jackie Diedam an illustrator based in Germany.


What artwork of yours are you most proud of?  

That’s difficult because I think all artists look back and can see something in everything that they do that they would have done differently. I created A1 prints for an exhibition at Cofifteen and have always wanted to create prints on a large scale, so I was pleased to have been able to do that.


What’s next in the professional pipe works for you?

I have some exciting projects coming up that I am currently unable to share, but they are really exciting! I’m currently working on some Christmas designs, plus a new greeting card range that I’ll be releasing early next year. I have markets on the run up to Christmas so I’m making sure I’m fully stocked up for those!


Bonus fun questions:

What is your current favourite album?

I have got ‘Corals by Fujitsu’ on repeat at the moment!

Apart from art, what is your favourite thing to do?

I love walking, and just being outside, I hate it if I haven’t been outside at least once during the day haha!


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© Chloe Hall Illustrations

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