30 Artists in 30 Days Feature

30 Artists in 30 Days

30 Artists in 30 Days Feature

October Feature

If you follow me on Social Media, you would know that I’m a fan of art.  If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are too.  So I am preparing something very special for you, my dear starlings!  Yes, 30 Artists being interviewed and will be posted daily for 30 days, commencing on 1st October 2017.

Some artists have become household names but some are lesser known, yet just as amazing.  They range from collage artists to water and oil paint artists to digital artists.  Hey, there’s even some street artists in there (I’ll keep you guessing).  I’m really looking forward to sharing their artwork and interviews with you all.

If you’re not already a subscriber to this site, you can enter your email address at the bottom of the page.  You will only receive notifications when new posts are uploaded.  In October, this will be daily so apologies in advance if I drive you insane.  But still, subscribe.  It’s good for your left brain.  You will be sure to fall in love with some of the creatives out there.

If you’re a photographer or prefer photography, don’t worry.  I got your back.  Photography features will follow in upcoming months.

Alllrrrright I get it, you’ve subscribed to too many e-mails already.  That’s ok.  Just follow me on Instagram and Facebook and you will see daily posts of the days feature artist.  Deal?  Please see my social links at the bottom of the the page.

Over and out until the 1st October.




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