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Day 16 – YUUM

Yuki Murashita of YUUM is from Fukuoka, Japan.  YUUM is a self-taught artist and loves using digital mediums such as her Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop.


Are you a self taught artist, or what studies did you do to get where you are today?
I am self-taught artist, but I studied photography and cinematography a little at collage 🎥🎞
I liked drawing from a very young age, I was influenced by manga, anime, movies, music, fashion magazines…etc. I used the trial and error method to establish my own drawing style.


What tools, programs and apps do you love or cannot live without?
I love digital tools such as Wacom’s tablet, Photoshop, scanner and so on. Also, sketchbooks and pens are necessities for me!🗒✍️


Your art provides inspirations to so many others.  What or who inspires you?
Thank you so much!☺️🌈
Many artists inspired me. Among them, fafi.
In addition, music, movies, fashion magazines and Pinterest always give me inspiration.

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Can you describe your process including how long a piece of art or photography takes you from concept to complete?

Sometimes I draw pictures only with Photoshop, but mainly I scan my drawings and then finish with Photoshop. Both will take 1-2 days.
1)concept – getting an idea from music, fashion and my feelings.
2)line drawing – drawing randomly.
3) Scanning – scanning my drawings at a high resolution.
4) Colouring – adding color to drawings with Photoshop.


What part of your process do you love the most?
Most favorite process is line drawing! I feel pleasure that what I imagined becomes shape.


If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you would be doing for work?
I think I would be a circus entertainer!🎪 Because I was good at doing forward upward circling on the bar.


Who is the most fascinating or inspiring person you have met or worked with?
I always get the power to draw pictures from my family, my sister, my friends! They are my energy sources💖


Name an underrated artist 
My friend, Lulu Buono. Her art is dreamy, lovely and cute. She is talented!✨
Love © YUUM


What artwork of yours are you most proud of? 
The picture of Bob Hair girl (my profile picture!) is my favorite series. She was born in about 30 seconds at the edge of my notebook. It is a memorable character now💘


What’s next in the professional pipe works for you?
In order to get to know me more, I’m making my own products and preparing for an art event in Tokyo.
And getting ready to start my online store!


Bonus fun questions
What is your current favourite album?
My most favorite album is “Dua Lipa” now❣️
Apart from art, what is your favourite thing to do?
I like going to hot springs with my family and traveling with my sister or my friends✈️
When I’m alone, I like to find nice ones at book stores and grocery stores.
Fun Fact:
I am doing a job in public relations at a department store 😊 (In the future, I hope to become freelance artist!)


Website: YUUM Website
Socials: YUUM on Instagram


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