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Carmen Hui

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Day 13 – Carmen Hui

Graphic Designer turn artist, Carmen Hui resides in Sydney, Australia.  Carmen is inspired mostly by nature – both botanics and animals.  Carmen runs workshops to assist budding artists, showing the various stages of drawing including composition and layout style.

Are you a self taught artist, or what studies did you do to get where you are today?
I have always been interested in art and have been drawing since a very young age. Growing up, I didn’t know how to turn drawing into a career so have opted to study design instead. I have never been trained on how to draw, but I have never really stopped drawing so I guess everything I’ve done till now is all self-taught.

What tools, programs and apps do you love or cannot live without?
I cannot live without my coloured pencils! It is such a versatile medium and it is so accessible. I still have a box of coloured pencils from when I was a child.

Your art provides inspirations to so many others.  What or who inspires you?
Nature and nature documentaries are my biggest inspirations. I often have a notepad with me just so that I could jot down any ideas that come my way. I am also very, much inspired by people who turn their passion into a career. Very often our lives are driven by our 9-5 job and it’s such a breath of fresh air to see people breaking out of that mould.

Can you describe your process including how long a piece of art or photography takes you from concept to complete?
Whenever I have an idea for a drawing, I first spend hours on google looking for the reference photos. Once I have collected enough materials, I will then mock up the layout in Photoshop. This often involves lots of cutting and pasting in order to get the exact picture in my head. Once I’m happy with everything, I will then do a quick sketch on paper, make any adjustments as needed and then pretty much start doing the final drawing. This whole process usually takes around 5-40 hours depending on the complexity of the drawing.

What part of your process do you love the most?
I honestly love every part of my process. It’s so interesting to see an idea come to life, each part of the process plays such a big role in the final drawing, I can’t imagine wanting to skip any step.

Aussie Creatures Square © Carmen Hui

If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you would be doing for work?
I was a graphic designer for many years before focusing on drawing. I still do a bit of freelancing here and there but am pretty much doing drawing full time now. 

Who is the most fascinating or inspiring person you have met or worked with?
Since starting my art journey, I have met so many like-minded friends who constantly encourages and inspires me to keep pushing my career. There are so many people who have made a big impact on my life, I honestly can’t narrow it down to one!

Name an underrated artist
My friend Gabriele just started getting back into textile design and I love seeing all the wonderful creations she has been making. Her instagram handle is @gabrielevonderschulenburg definitely worth checking out!
What artwork of yours are you most proud of?  
At the moment I am very interested in pattern play and am loving all the different patterns I can create with my drawings. It is something that I’ve just started doing and am very much interested in exploring it further. Other than that, my most popular drawing will have to be Vegemite & Natives (pictured below). It took me over 3 months to complete but I’m so happy with the result. I often get emails from people about how the drawing has made an emotional connection with them which I’m very much proud of.

What’s next in the professional pipe works for you?

I really want to explore pattern design more, not entirely sure what I will do with them yet. It would be my dream to team up with a textile or wallpaper company, but I guess it’s still early days so we shall see.

Bonus fun questions
What is your pet peeve?I’m not a big fan of people who don’t share the footpath. I walk a lot, so it really annoys me when they bump you out of the way and don’t say sorry.
What is your current favourite album?
I’ve been listening to the latest Angus and Julia Stone album non stop lately.
Apart from art, what is your favourite thing to do?
Apart from visiting all the art galleries, I love going on long drives and weekend getaways.
If you could tame any animal and have it as a pet, which one would it be and why?
I don’t really want to tame anything, I love animals and love to be amongst them as a friend, not an owner.




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Vegemite and Natives Styled © Carmen Hui


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