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About Starling Tribe

Starling Tribe was founded in May 2016 with a purpose to help people reach their professional and artistic goals and aspirations.

Hey there!  I’m Lisa, founder and director of Starling Tribe.  I’m a freelance Web Designer and Social Media Manager.  I also assist in marketing campaigns on a freelance or contract basis.

This website contains my service offerings but more importantly, aims to support small businesses and  promote creatives world over.  I’m a huge fan of art, photography, books and music so you will see that theme recurring throughout my posts.

A Bit About Lisa Kuhne

Photo of Lisa Kuhne

I live in Melbourne, Australia and mostly work from my home which is very convenient since I have 2 munchkins to look after.

That’s me pictured with a faux fur fox that I’m going to call “Fauxy”.  It’s not mine but you may find it somewhere in an op shop in Yarraville.  Oh and I have a quirky sense of humour.

Professionally, I’ve spent most of my career working on marketing campaigns, customer engagement, leadership and dabbled in the music industry.  Throughout all my experiences, I have found that what I enjoy most is working on website design, social media and writing articles to promote people working in a creative field or small business.  I’m a big supporter of the “little people”.

You can view my LinkedIn profile for my professional working history.  For any collaboration queries or if you are interested in knowing more about my professional services, please feel free to contact me via the contact form.